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The courts will decide who will care for your minor children.

The Probate Code will dictate who will receive your property.

Your family will be forced to establish a costly conservatorship over you and your assets if you become incapacitated.

Your family will be forced into costly probate proceedings which will last for one year or more. For example, if a probate involves a house valued at $600,000, regardless of the amount of the mortgage, the probate fees and costs will exceed $33,000.

Your family could be forced to pay estate taxes which could have been avoided with a living trust.

Your children will have complete control of assets and insurance proceeds left to them when they reach age 18, regardless of their ability to manage those assets.

Your assets, debts and other personal affairs will be open to public view.

Your doctors will not know your wishes in the event you are unable to communicate with them due to an accident or illness.

At Harrison & Harrison, we will prepare all the estate planning documents necessary to avoid these problems, in a professional, personal and affordable manner.

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Without proper estate planning documents, such as a trust, if someone dies, his or her property can only be transferred to beneficiaries by a court order. The order comes at the end of a long and costly legal process we call "probate". Our firm has years of experience in efficiently handling probate matters.

No probate is necessary if someone has transferred his or her property to a trust, which is a fictional legal entity similar to a corporation, because the trust cannot "die" like mortal human beings. The trust continues to own the transferred property even after the death of the person who established it.

However, there are important adminstrative matters which the trustee of the trust must attend to, and Harrison & Harrison is well qualified to assist the trustee in administering the trust in accordance with the law.

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We have formed hundreds of corporations, limited liability companies and other business entities, with personal attention and advice. We also maintain business entities and offer legal assistance as required, such as for specific real estate matters.

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Since 1981, Michael Harrison has served as an extraordinarily qualified arbitrator for hundreds of cases administered by the American Arbitration Association. In order to avoid the enormous costs and lengthy delays of litigation, Michael will serve as an arbitrator for disputes involving all commercial matters, estates, trusts, and real estate.